Moi (amante_donne) wrote in soulingo,

idea #1

Thinking back on my ideas for getting writing, how about this as a premise for a scene/very short story?

A lift is the location, envy is the theme. A soft toy is an object that plays a part in the story.
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Great idea! Do you want this to be a challenge?
yeah why not
I'll see if I can come up with anything today for it :D


10 years ago

I'd like to give it a shot also...but just to clarify for this American, a lift is an elevator?
lol, i think ive seen enough American TV to know that :) lift/elevator all the same to me :D
thank you. I just wanted to make sure before I made an ass of myself!
no worries, I know that there are quite a few variations on our languages, makes it that much more interesting to read i think.
Ahhh, a problem I cannot post it as i am almost 100% over allowed characters. how can we do this?

Marcia was not quite sure why the important people parked their cars in the lowest point in the building. She felt that directors such as herself should be parking at street level rather than having normal workers above her. After all it had been her that had worked all the hours that god sends for years in order for her to obtain promotion after promotion before finally becoming a director of the company, it had been her that had sacrificed several relationships to achieve her goal and it had been her that had had to push other aside in order to gain the coveted role, and besides she didn’t like having people above her, even if it was only parking spaces. It was such an issue that she even preferred being on top when she had sex, not that sex happened these days, she was far too busy to see anyone and casual affairs had never appeal to her.

Turning her BMW 6 Series onto Sub Level 3 she saw that Linda Foreman was parking her car of the far side of the level. Marcia smiled to herself, she and Linda had been promoted within a few days of each other although Marcia had a parking space three places nearer to the lift than Linda did and that was a great victory over her peer, she was obviously more important to warrant the nearer parking space.


The Audi A4 was an easy car to park and it effortlessly glided into its space. Linda had bought the car as a treat to herself for getting the promotion to director a few weeks previously. In fact she had spent a little more than was needed by going for the Rs4 model, mainly because her husband, James, had liked the Rs4 and so he could have enjoyment out of the vehicle too.

As she powered the car off she saw the unmistakable shapes of Marcia Conway’s BMW come off of the down ramp into the floor of the car park and make its way around to her reserved space. Linda smile and rolled her eyes. Both Marcia and herself had been with the company for years, although within different departments. They had often said hello when they passed each other as they went about their day but neither really had time to speak in depth; also Linda suspected that Marcia wouldn’t say anything to anyone unless it progressed her own career. She had always try to do everything bigger and better than anyone around her, even her car was massive, although Marcia was a tad over 6 foot tall and so it didn’t look that bad. In fact she would admit that she looked quite good in the car.

Linda got out of the car and reached into the back seat pulling out a massive cuddly toy Rabbit. The Rabbit was for Hannah and Hannah was the daughter of Linda’s secretary Georgina. Linda wanted to show her appreciation to Georgina for all the hard work that she had loaded onto her over the last few months. She had already taken Georgina out for a nice lunch but she also wanted to give a little something to Georgina’s daughter for taking her mummy away from her over that time. Taking the Rabbit in her arms she worked the remote to set the alarm and set off towards the lifts. By this time Marcia had already parked her BMW and was waiting by the express lift.

“Good morning Marcia” Linda said cheerfully as she approached.
“Morning” Marcia replied eying the rabbit suspiciously.
“What’s that about” she said nodding towards the fluffy rabbit.
“This is a present for Hannah, Georgina’s daughter. I wanted her to show my appreciation when she helped me out with all that work I had.
“I thought that you had already taken Georgie out to lunch?”
“I had, but I wanted to treat her daughter too, especially as I had kept her from her mum for a good few weeks.”
“I would save yourself the money” Marcia stated.
“Did you not do anything for Jo when you got promoted” Linda enquired.
Marcia turned to face Linda, her eyebrows raised “No I did not, why would I do something like that? Jo’s job is to be my secretary and that is the job she did, I am not going to go around buying her presents every time she does something that is her job anyway”.
Marcia faced away, arms folded confident that she had dealt with that question effectively. Jo was Marcia’s secretary and she had been worked ragged over the weeks and months before the promotion of her boss.
“Besides I am not good at that sort of thing” she said to herself.
The lift made a soft noise as it settled at their level and the doors opened with a low swish and they both entered.

“You should really treat Jo a little better” Linda said
“Having her on your side will make your job a whole lot easier”
“I don’t need anyone on my side” Marcia stated
“fair enough”

Marcia thought about what Linda had said. She had played hard ass throughout most of her time at the company. She shunned social relationships with the staff and she was disliked by most of the regular staff, she didn’t really care about that as she was above them, better than them, earning fantastic money with a nice car and a flat on the Thames, why would she need to have normal staff “on her side” as Linda had put it. But some part of her couldn’t shake the envy that she had for Linda. Everything had been easy for her, sure she had worked the long hours and she had been awarded the promotion too but she always had time for a quick work with other staff members, to the point where she was liked by others and treating Georgina AND her kid was just too much wasn’t it?

They reached their floor and they both exited, walking down the wide corridor to the secretaries area, although they would not be in till 9am and it was only 8.45. However when they got to the desks Georgina was at her desk and smiled at Linda as she came close.

“Ive sorted out your mail and the newspaper is on your desk with a skinny latte” she said smiling
“thanks very much” Linda Replied “here I have a little present for Hannah” and Linda set the giant rabbit onto the empty portion of desk next to Georgina’s printer
“oh it’s superb, Hannah will love it, you didn’t need to do that”
“Well I kept you here for all hours a few weeks ago and I wanted to say sorry to her”
“its beautiful, she will love it”

Marcia glanced towards Jo’s desk. “I will have words about asking her to start earlier” she said to herself walking past the empty desk to her office.

Linda was just about to say something to Georgina when an almighty noise came from Marcia’s office. The door opened and she stormed out and down the corridor, her face red and flushed.

“What was that about” Linda asked
“Jo handed in her notice and left it on her desk, didn’t even work her notice period”
“oh well, we live and learn Linda replied as she walked into her office to start her day.
Oh I really liked it. Your character development is fantastic.
Thanks, i tried thinking through how people would react to certain things, i wasnt sure but our comments make me think i got it right :)
Here is my attempt:

As the doors part and she steps inside the lift, our gazes meet. I lose myself in those soulful brown eyes that I've come to know so well. Each morning it is the same, the bell dings as we reach her floor and my heart skips a beat, waiting for her to step inside. As she stands beside me, aloof, with that damned pink turtle in her mouth, I realize just how much I want that turtle. I run through my mental check's my I well groomed...will she accept my advance... I need that turtle!

Today is the day, I crouch down and gently pull on her ear with my teeth. She drops the turtle and I pounce, snapping it up in my teeth as she grabs one of the turtles legs. We play a bit of tug of war, before we reach ground level and our masters pull us our separate ways. Tomorrow I will get that turtle...tomorrow.

i really liked that, amusing, took me a few seconds to "get it" but it made me smile.
Thanks, as soon as I read that the object of envy was a soft toy of some sort, I immediately thought of the dog toys strewn throughout my house!