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The Language of your Soul's Journal
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Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
9:28 pm
idea #1
Thinking back on my ideas for getting writing, how about this as a premise for a scene/very short story?

A lift is the location, envy is the theme. A soft toy is an object that plays a part in the story.
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007
9:16 pm
This is something I wrote a little while back, although I have edited it recently. I have a number of issues with it that I am not 100% sure how to change.

I was trying to capture the atmosphere of a wind and rain swept beach during a storm and I am not sure if I hit it off in the way I meant, I know what I wanted it to “feel” like in my head and I’m not sure I captured it enough in text.

Also I am not sure on punctuation, I tended to put in, and . when it “sounds right” when reading the sentence back. I am not sure what to do to improve my punctuation.

Anyway opinion would be appreciate but are not expected, but be honest, if you think it is lousy then say it is lousy, but tell my WHY you think it’s lousy, constructive criticism without the constructive bit is frustrating lol

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8:03 pm
ayoub. thanks for suggesting your community to me today. doesn't seem to have been much going on recently, do you fancy trying a bit of a revivial?
Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
3:29 pm
Multiple media challenge!
Take a photo, or write a poem, whatever you want...

Just describe the Heart of a Woman
Sunday, June 24th, 2007
9:57 pm
dusty fan

I just really liked the texture of the dust on this fan.
5:35 pm
For gaia43's challenge

Clothes Pegs Clothes Pegs

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007
9:15 pm
Poetry Challenge
Her face was a timeless
look of disdain
always pointing my direction
with pursed lips and perfect manners
her body spoke to me,
"you will never do."

From the floor up, I know
that is she correct.
Far better than her,
I know, nothing I do
will ever be enough
for her.

How did I get in the door,
where were the fact checkers
when my history followed me
down the marbled halls?
Can her eyes really see
the awkward humility,
the exclamations of
"you will never do"
resounding from
every moment
I've lived.

Suitable, other girls
could be weighed,
measured and found
to be highly suitable.
Unsuitable was
familiar territory to
girls like me, girls
who did right by you
in the dark and in the light,
even though our homes,
our last names, our stories
made us seem otherwise.
Girls like me understood
a mother's broken heart,
a hope for fulfilled dreams
even if in the hands
of the child that took theirs.

I could have been
the compassionate
hands to hold the mirror
that would have shown
you that our faces, our
"you will never do" pasts
were not so unalike.
I could have held you
as you left a world
that you did not
know how to love.
I could have,
wiped your face,
smoothed your hair
as you learned
that the girl
who will never do
sometimes does
what no one
else will,
because she is
suitable for such
a moment in time.

Always Unsuitable

She wore little teeth of pearls around her neck.
They were grinning politely and evenly at me.
Unsuitable they smirked. It is true

I look a stuffed turkey in a suit. Breasts
too big for the silhouette. She knew
at once that we had sex, lots of it

as if I had strolled into her diningroom
in a dirty negligee smelling gamy
smelling fishy and sporting a strawberry

on my neck. I could never charm
the mothers, although the fathers ogled
me. I was exactly what mothers had warned

their sons against. I was quicksand
I was trouble in the afternoon. I was
the alley cat you don't bring home.

I was the dirty book you don't leave out
for your mother to see. I was the center-
fold you masturbate with then discard.

Where I came from, the nights I had wandered
and survived, scared them, and where
I would go they never imagined.

Ah, what you wanted for your sons
were little ladies hatched from the eggs
of pearls like pink and silver lizards

cool, well behaved and impervious
to desire and weather alike. Mostly
that's who they married and left.

Oh, mamas, I would have been your friend.
I would have cooked for you and held you.
I might have rattled the windows

of your sorry marriages, but I would
have loved you better than you know
how to love yourselves, bitter sisters.

Marge Piercy
3:57 pm
a challenge:photography style
anarch I hope you don't mind that I have commandeered your new community. Please feel free to administer a swift kick in the pants if I have stepped on your toes.

Go out and take an interesting photo of something seemingly mundane. I am not talking photoshop here, I simply mean to take the photography in such a way that we see the subject in a new light, angle, etc than we are used to.

No time limit, but do it soon, or this won't be very fun!

9:00 pm
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The OriginalCollapse )

My Version:

As something new
yet eternal
my heart rises
from the ground

Wishes and dreams
unfurl like petals
each a song
sweetly sung

Frozen in time
this pure moment
I will carry
beyond world's end

For this is me
and how I love
I give it freely
to you

My apologies to Rabbie, heh... I am a mere journeyman wordsmith :D
3:35 pm
Chelle's Challenge
I'm not in love with my translation, but the original is a piece I have ALWAYS loved, by Robert Frost.

A union true and natural
man can only wish
to find for himself.
Wind,waves and weather
Ne'er to interfere
In the wondrous matrimony
of the sea and shore.

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